onion seed productionWe offer only seeds that we produce to our esteemed customers. We are not a seed buyer and seller, but a producer of seed producers.

Seed is our future; with this consciousness we have a process as long as two years and our seed production steps which require dedication;

  • Our seeds of radish onion are taken from our breeding organization. According to the varieties, seeds are planted in suitable regions of production.
  • Our genus of onions from our production area is passed through the selection stage to extract out of varieties and this comes at the end of the planting season.
  • Planting is carried out by isolating the varieties at a distance of at least 3000 meters so that they can not see each other. Plant control is carried out by the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture at the stage of production.
  • At the end of the second year, our onion seeds are completely harvested by hand laborers by our workers. The necessary drying is done. Afterwards, the weak seeds are germinated by passing through the selector and gravity machines. We obtain seeds that meet the highest standards of germination.
  • In our laboratory, germination, purity, infection tests are passed and quality controls are made.
  • Controlled seeds are packed. Labels, lot numbers and quantities are checked by the Plant Protection Branch of the Agriculture Provincial Directorate of Agriculture. Samples and witnesses are collected for the analysis reports. The government is sent to organize the analysis reports to the Seed Registration Certification Center.
  • At the end of this two-year long process, all our germinated seeds are delivered to our valuable producers.