turkish cuisine and onionOnions, which are indispensable of Turkish cuisine, can be consumed raw or cooked.
Fresh and dry onion is a flavor enhancer, flavor and consistency feature for soups, soups, salads and especially meat dishes.

Onion is a vegetable that can be consumed in summer and winter, which contains rich vitamins and gives strength and health. It is very important in terms of not to lose the vitamins it contains while it is cooked and consumed raw.

It strengthens the onion immune system which is rich in A, B, C vitamins and potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, iodine, phosphorus and sulfur minerals, has natural antioxidant properties and prolongs its life.

Therefore, onion cure will be beneficial in cases of colds. The boiled water of onion, which acts as a protective weapon against mental and physical fatigue, is very useful.

It is also known that the onion, which has no side effects other than to disturb the sensitive midelar in some cases, balances the level of sugar in the side.

onion cookingThis miracle plant, which helps some skin wounds heal faster, cleanses blood and increases sexual power.

Onion is indispensable for Turkish traditional dishes, and is included in many recipes.

For flavor and health consume onions, please enjoy.